Monday, January 25, 2010

Sun Darkstar

I had a pending task since along time ago: take a look at Sun Darkstar, at lest a quick one. Darkstar is a game server technology announced some time ago, and just that. It is not a server. They just provide a sort of framework, but you have to develop your own server. It is implemented in java, but there is a small, forgotten SDK in C, just to let C programmers to develop clients in that language.So, you need a java developer to program your server. Not being skilled in java, I had to stop my research there. Darkstar technology is "horizontally scalable", but at the same time, it is single threaded, a big disadvantage in the age of multicore CPUs.
So, I would recommend looking at Syntensity (also in my plans).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blending Life 2

The Blending life 2 contest will start January 25. Blending life objective is to create a photorealistic human portrait in Blender, only textures can be made in Gimp or Photoshop.
Get the info here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ptex released as open source software

I copy and paste from official site:

Ptex is a texture mapping system developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios for production-quality rendering:
  • No UV assignment is required! Ptex applies a separate texture to each face of a subdivision or polygon mesh.
  • The Ptex file format can efficiently store hundreds of thousands of texture images in a single file.
  • The Ptex API provides cached file I/O and high-quality filtering - everything that is needed to easily add Ptex support to a production-quality renderer or texture authoring application. 
It has been released under BSD license. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Building CEGUI Ogre renderer in Gentoo

I noticed something weird since some time ago in Ogre ebuilds: the cegui flags was missing. Thats why I never upgraded my Ogre at home. After resintalling my PC at office, happened was I feared: Ogre was built without the CEGUI renderer, so my application cant compile.
According to the bug report in Bugzilla, the cegui flag was removed because it is only needed for sample programs. Big mistake. The CEGUI renderer is required for all sort of projects that use Ogre and CEGUI, which are several.
The solution is simple (while the flag returns to the right place), emerge CEGUI and then emerge Ogre, the configure sscript will detect CEGUI and build the renderer. Of course, by habit, we emerge Ogre first as it used to pull CEGUI before, and then we emerge CEGUI, which results in the missing renderer.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Irrlicht 1.6.1

Again, a few days late. Last 13 was released Irrlicht 1.6.1, which is mostly a bugfix release (at least, they dont give any details).

Friday, January 8, 2010

Why you should use OpenGL and not DirectX

This article has been spreading today and it is an essential reading for all game developers. Also, take a look at Slashdot post, usually you can find some useful comments.

Blender 2.5 screenshots

Want to try Blender 2.5 early builds? You can find them at I got one yesterday and took some screenshots. I like the new interface, but the changes are so big that I couldnt do even the simple tasks I usually do.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Loading a whole file to a string

My first code didnt worked 100%, specially under Windows. So, I asked and got this one:

using namespace std;

string loadFile(const char* filename)
string str;
ifstream ifs(filename, ios::binary);
throw exception("file could not be opened");

long size;
ifs.seekg(0, ios::end);
size = ifs.tellg();
ifs.seekg(<0, ios::beg);

str.resize(size);[0], size);

return str;

Im recruiting again, officially. I need developers experienced with Ogre, OpenAL, Lua or Bullet.Artists should use only free software: Blender, Gimp, etc. If you are not an artist, then you can contribute by spreading the word: follow me on twitter, retweet the game news and link to them if you have a blog. Also, all suggestions are welcome.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ogre 1.7 RC1

The new branch is here! This one with the weird name of Cthugha. After all we didnt had to wait too much to get a preview of it.