Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Closing blog

Well, I have decided to close this blog. I wasnt posting too much, cant find anything interesting that matches the blog topic. but, Im creating a new one, this time with a more broad scope and maybe more personal. You can find it here, so, goodbye, and welcome to the new one.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oculus Rift buys RakNet and makes it open source

If you always wanted to use RakNet, but couldnt afford to pay the license, I have good news for you: Oculus Rift has bought the popular middleware and released it under a new BSD license. The code is already available on Github.
Also, Oculus has announced Oculus Connect, which I thougt it was some sort of network or multiplayer feature, but is just a conference for developers.

Monday, May 26, 2014

My first OpenGL 3 tutorial!

Wow, took some time, but I did it. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go back to basics and get familiar with OpenGL 3. I thought it would be useful for others to keep my code simple and structured in a tutorial form, with each demo covering easy ideas.
And here is my first sample, the traditional Hello world in OpenGL: The Triangle! Included in the archive there is a Codeblocks project. I wanted to provide a Visual C++ project, but I discarded it for two reasons: first, I find that code is much more relevant and instructive. Second, lack of time. I dont have a PC at home, so I have been coding in my office time, which I have to split among writing, learning, design, relax, and of course, work.
I hope it could be useful for you and expect more samples, just not any time soon.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Torque2D 3.0 released

At last, it is here. I have been waiting for it to start developing for Android during a few weeks, now there is no more reasons to delay my debut in this platform.
This release duplicates the number of supported platform, adding Linux, Android and Web, plus a few other niceties like more controllers. Still no editor, that wasnt in the plans, but I hope someday they can provide one.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Game programming patterns book available for free

Read it here. Still not available in downloadable format, so you have to study it online.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tinkering with Torque3D

I have abandoned this blog for a long time, mostly connection problems, time and lazyness, missing a lot of interesting news, like new open source engines. But it is time to write a bit about my last effort: underestanding Torque3D. 

GarageGames took a drastic decision some time ago: to open its commercial game engine Torque, after some financial troubles almost killed what once was the war horse of indie developers. Yes, believe it or not, Torque was as famous as Unity3d. Regrettably, releasing something as open source doesnt ensures a wild success. Torque is affected by a poor cross-platform support (Torque3D still doesnt support Linux officially, and Torque2D doesnt supports a so widely spread platform as Android!), not to mention that the stressing process took its toll on development. Even when Torque3D features an excellent scene editor, which I dare to say rivals Unity one, it is lagging behind in technological aspects like renderer.
The community havent been entusiast in adopting Torque, probably because cross-platform is a key factor to be accepted among free software adepts (here, cross-platform=Linux), but probably that will change as soon as the Linux/OS X/Android support gets officially integrated and released. Also, the documentation is old, I still havent seen a guide or videotutorial about Torque3D 3, and thats a year old version. Again, this is being addressed for version 4.
The major obstacle, in my case, to learning the engine, has been its weird client/server architecture. Processing a click requires editing one file, which in turns sends a "command" to the "server", which means that a second script should be edited to add the "command". But my trick to overcome this has been to follow each tutorial several times, and slowly add my own changes.The forum and chat have been helpful, but dont expect quick answers. Anyway, the engine is not totally out of comprehension (maybe a bit harder than Unity3d, but easier than Unigine), and Im sure that mostly programmers will get it, as long as they take the time to study it, which of course, applies for any other engine out there. What else can I say? It is free, it is in development... all it needs is that you jump in and push.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NeoAxis 3D 2.0 released

Yesterday, NeoAxis 3D engine released version 2.0. Read the official announce to get all the details, but the only interesting thing worth mentioning is the new Free Edition. Support for Linux and mobile platforms is planned at some point in the future, as it has been since I can remember.